The missionary committee is funded by a percentage of Sunday offerings, farm income and the Alice Bowley account.  They undertake special local projects on a case by case basis.  The following orginizations received regular monthly support.

Internationsl Disaster Emergency Service - I.D.E.S. - Noblesville, IN

Christian Missionary Fellowship-Larry & Debbie Kineman- England

Cross Cultural Discipling Mission- Ben & Karen Rees- Hong Kong

Extended Hand Christian Mission- S. Lee Ladd- Prison Ministry Indy

F.A.M.E.- Medical services in Indy

Lower Carribean Christian Mission- Dale & Wendy Leacock- Barbados

Pioneer Bible Translators- Mike & Eunice Herschenroeders- Texas

Purdue Christian Campus House- W. Lafayette, IN

Ratio Christi- Corey Miller- Campus Ministries

Team Expansion- Dot Elliot- Verona, Italy

A one time gift was given to Good News Productions- Joplin, MO