312 Michigan Road
Burlington, IN  46915

Phone: (765) 566-3184



Our Sunday mornining  worship services begin at 9:30am and generally concludes by 10:45am.

Our particular style of worship through song includes musical instrument accompaniment. We strive to provide a nice blend of traditional hymns along with contemporary praise & worship songs.

We serve communion every Sunday during our service. All who proclaim faith in our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, and have followed obediently to water baptized are welcome to join us in celebrating communion regardless of church membership.

Our pastor seeks to bring to the congregation each week a message directly from God's Word (the Holy Bible) that is inspiring and instructional.

On the first Sunday of every month immediately following our worship service we enjoy what we call "Donut Fellowship Sunday." Our guests are especially welcome to join us in this time as it will provide those visiting with us a better chance to get acquainted. 

On the other Sundays of the month, we dismiss from our worship service and all are welcome to find and enjoy one of our many Sunday School classes. We have a Sunday school class for almost every age group. Feel free to stay and visit a Sunday school of your choosing immediately following our worship service.